Security on the Road

Conveniently located at Central Ohio near OSU in Clintonville, TongDa Auto Service is one of the area's most trusted auto care centers, providing timely and affordable service for more than 19 Years. Our ASE certified technicians live and breathe automotive repairs. When it comes to reliable car care, we are at your service.

The goal of our auto sales is to provide the Qulity reconditioned, certified vehicles for you and your family to drive and enjoy. We understand the frustration of buying a used car and that's why we provide warranty for most of ours cars for sale from 30 days to one year.

Customer Commitment

Short-Term Auto Leasing is for you to drive, fuel & enjoy life, don't have to worry about repairs and services to the car, which are all covered. Starting $275/month. Our in-house rental car for repair customers is available for just $30.00/day or we can bill your insurance whatever their rate is. We also provide pick up & drop off when possible within 5-10 mile radius

Get in Touch

Contact us at 614-262-1426 to set up a time to come in and have one of our service technicians have a look at your car.

Auto Body-Collision Center

4100 Indianola Ave. 43214

Phone 614-297-7997


2012 Honda Accord EX-L, auto, 30k miles, loaded with leather seats & warmers. for sale $16,550

2011 & Honda Civic Coupe, auto, 39k miles, economical and reliable. Sale $10,550 

2012 $ 2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid 40k & 90k miles. >50 miles per gal. 

For sale $13,550 & $10,550