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Conveniently located at Central Ohio near OSU in Clintonville, TongDa Auto Service is one of the area's most trusted auto care centers, providing timely and affordable service for more than 20 Years. Our ASE certified technicians live and breath automotive repairs. When it comes to reliable car care, we are at your service.

The goal of our auto sales is to provide the good Quality Reconditioned & Certified vehicles for your family to drive and enjoy. We understand the frustration of buying a used car can be unpredictable that's why we provide warranty for most of our cars from 30 days to one year.

Contact us 614-262-1426 or email: 

to set up a time to come in and have your car checked out by our ASE certified technician

Auto Body & Collision Center

4100 Indianola Ave. 43214

Phone 614-297-7997


2011 Honda CR-V SE, Auto, AWD, 110k miles, Sale: $10,550 with Warranty

2013 Prius C, only 50k miles with ~60mpg. Sale $12,770 with warranty

2012 $ 2014 Honda Civic Coupe, auto 20k & 9k miles Sale $10,990 & 12,990

2010 Toyota Prius 90k miles, auto. Best fuel efficiency. Sle: $9,550 with WARRANTY!!!


2015 PriusV-5, only has 30k miles. $16,990

2013 Prius V-5, Auto, Lether Seats with Warmers .  Best Fuel Efficient "SUV"  $12,990  Warranty!!

2008 Subaru OutBack, AWD, 5 speed with newer clutch and engine. For Sale with Warranty $6,550

2015 Lexus ES350, 30K miles, auto Lether seats with warmers, Luxury Sport Sedan. For Sale with Warranty $21,500.00