Our History

Independently operated, TongDa Auto Service takes pride in being a car care center that puts safety and security first. We look at the big picture - when your car is running properly, not only are you and your family safe but so are the other drivers on the road. Our reputation is built on caring about our customers, being honest, and providing quality service.

Established in 1997, conveniently located at Central Ohio near OSU in Clintonville, TongDa Auto Service is one of the area's most trusted auto care centers, providing timely and affordable service for more than 20 Years. 

What does the logo mean?

The circle symbols the traffic highway or a racecourse, while the cross and curve are local traffic intersections. TongDa simply means Moving Traffic. 

Everyone is on the way to reach a goal, which is most likely to be prosperous and happy. But a regular pit stop is necessary for winning the race, and here what TongDa Auto Service is for. We keep the traffic moving on your road to prosperity. 

If you look harder, you can also find the letters TONGDA in the logo. 

How do we work?

How do we work with customers?

Safety is our priority. We use top-line products to take care of your safety. 

How do we work with cars?

We provide thorough and professional service check, and thoughtful recommendations for your car.

How do we do with the community?

We are supported by our neighborhood. We belong to Clintonville Area Chamber of Commerce and support  Simply Living to give back to the community.

About Us

How do we do with environment?

Our buildings received green spot recognition from the city of Columbus. We also recycled metal, paper, glass, plastic, waste oil. We keep saving energy while reducing waste for the environment. 

No matter how our business grows,  we always aim to provide you with premium service and high-quality cars. All our technicians are ASE certified and continually undergo training to keep up with today's technology. Professionalism is something we don't compromise on, as it is a sign that we care about what we do, and it shows.

1997.4 First Mechanical Shop

2000.4 1st Self Owned Shop 

2002.6 Dealership Started

Current dealership& Mechanical Shop

2010.12 First Mordern Bodyshop