Hassle Free Auto Leasing

Stress-Free Short Term Leasing
Instead of a three- to five-year long contract, your lease with TongDa Auto Service is renewable on a monthly basis. You Don't have to worry about maintenance and repairs, which are all covered. you only need to fuel and drive to engjoy life.

Take advantage of our hassle-free 30-day test drive to purchase program.

Set up as leasing, if you love it, buy it! We offer 100% protection on mechanical parts and labor during this time frame. If you choose to buy, your lease payment is credited toward the purchase price. A free 30-day to 90-day power train warranty is effective upon purchase. If you are not completely satisfied, then your deposit will be refunded. Or just lease one while you re searching the perfect car to buy.

Diagnostics & Inspections

2012 Honda Fit S. Auto, only 9000 miles in excellant condition, Sale $12,550, Lease $495/month

2010 Subaru Impreza, auto, AWD, 70k miles. Sale $9,880, Lease $425/month

2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid, 90k miles. New brakes and tires. $10,990/$495

Also a 2012 white Prius, $14,550/$535

Customer Testimonials

"I needed an honest opinion about a car I was looking to purchase. A friend recommended TongDa Auto Service, so I asked them to look it over. They did and saved me from having a ton of headaches. I've been bringing my cars to them for repairs and maintenance ever since." - Mitch B.

"The guys at TongDa Auto Service are the wizards of auto mechanics. They figured out the problem, explained what needed to be done and had me on my way in no time." - Darren M.

"I doubt working on my '74 Mercedes is simple. Regardless, [Name] at TongDa Auto Service manages to keep it running and looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor." -Peter J.

All vehicles for lease are for sale

Lease to Purchase

2006 Kia Sorento, auto, AWD, 99k miles. New struts & brakes. Sale $5,990/ $385

2006H-Accord Ex, auto 90k $6,990/395.00---

2005 Hy-Sonata, auto $4,440/ $295