Hassle Free Auto Leasing

Stress-Free Short Term Leasing
Instead of a three- to five-year long contract, your lease with TongDa Auto Service is renewable on a monthly basis. You Don't have to worry about maintenance and repairs, which are all covered.  You only need to fuel and drive to enjoy life.

Take advantage of our hassle-free 30-day test drive to purchase program.

Set up as leasing, if you love it, buy it.  We offer 100% protection on mechanical parts and labor during this time frame. If you choose to buy, your lease payment is credited toward the purchase price. A free 30-day to 90-day power train warranty is effective upon purchasing. If you are not completely satisfied, your deposit will be refunded. Or just lease one while you are searching the perfect car to buy. Please call 614-262-1426 for the most current inventory 


Diagnostics & Inspections

2010 Toyota Prius,  90k miles in excellent condition. Sale $9,550 with Warranty!!!

2016  & 2015 (gray) Toyota Corolla(s) LE For Sale  $14,550 & $12,220


Also 2012 & 2014 Camry low 20k & 40k miles. For  Sale $12,550 & 13,550

All Leasing vehicles are for sale

& Lease to Purchase

2010 Mazda 3(blue-gray) auto, 50k miles, in excellent condition. For Sale $7,550

Also, 2014 Mazda 3 Sport with 5 speed manual trans. 50k miles Warranty $11,990

2017 Honda Fit EX, Automatic, low miles, Coming soon

Also, 2015 Prius red, low miles. Coming Soon

2004 Accord EX-L (gold), well maintained, New A/C Compressor, Auto. Sun-Moon Roof, with Seat Warmers. Sale $3,880


1999 Civic Ex Coupe, newer engine $2,880

1998 Civic Lx, Auto, reconditioned, $2,200

1997 Civic DX, Auto Reconditioned $1,990

2015 Toyota PriusV. Auto, Power Leather Seats with Warmers, 30k miles. $16,990

2009 Acura TL, SH-AWD, Newer tires and Brakes, Auto, 70k miles. For Sale $13,330


2015 Lexus ES350, 30K miles, auto Lether seats w/ warmers, Luxury & Smooth Sale $21,500

2013 & 2015 Honda  CR-V (both are black) Coming Soon 

2011 & 2012 Honda Accord EX-L. Both low mileage @50k & 30k Sale $11,550 & $12,550


Also 2012, 2014, 2015 Civic LX all have low miles ~10k-30k. Sale $9,990; $12,990&$12,990

2005 Hyundai Sonata, auto, well maintained with New tires and New struts. $3,550